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How Window Tint prevents Fading

film before afterThis is the time of year when we love to open our blinds and throw open our windows and enjoy the cooler breezes that fall and winter have to offer! What we tend to forget when we open our window treatments and windows to that wonderful cool air, is we are also exposing our furnishings to the harmful UV rays of the sun, thus allowing our furnishings and flooring to fade!

Protection From The Sun!

Creating a beautiful home or office takes an investment of time and money. Damaging UV Rays from the sun can ruin that investment, fading your fabrics, photos, artwork, wood, carpet and wallpaper.

Our Films block over 99% of UV Rays, allowing you to enjoy your views without the worry of ruining your beautiful furnishings!

Go Green with Window Films

Installing a window film or adhesive coating can boost the efficiency of your current  windows by reflecting sunlight and reducing its transmission into your home or office as heat;some films also insulate against interior heat loss. Window films offer one of the most cost-effective and least labor-intensive ways to decrease energy loss through your windows and thereby decreasing your energy costs --and carbon footprint.

Choosing window films helps you go green because…

  • Window films reduce solar heat gain, thereby decreasing a home's cooling energy consumption on hot days.
  • They provide increased insulation against heat escape through windows in colder climates.
  • They can reflect the ultraviolet radiation that often fades and damages carpets and furniture.
  • Films can act as a protective reinforcing layer, preventing scratches to the surface glass and reducing the chances that a window will shatter if broken.
  • They can reduce solar glare while increasing privacy.
  • Many films boost window efficiency without obscuring exterior views.

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