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Safety Film FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Safety and Security Film

Safety Film TestQ. How long does it take to install the film on an average-size home?
A. Typically most installations are done in one day.

Q. Can I get a discount on my home owner's insurance by installing Safety and Security Film?
A. Some insurance carriers do offer a discount. We can offer advice if you would like to call because every different agent will differ.

Q. What holds the glass in the frame after the window is broken?
A. On all tempered panes we install a wet-glaze frame-attachment system. We use a Dow Corning 995 Structural Adhesive to adhere the film to the frame. We are very meticulous to the application of the Dow. A poor installation of the Dow could directly affect the aesthetics of the finished product.

Q. How thick is the film you sell'?
A. We sell and install only LLumar Solar Control Window Film or LLumar Magnum 8-mil thick, Safety and Security Film. LLumar is a proven leader in the window film industry. Our product is owned by CPFilms Inc a division of DuPont.

Q. What wind speed will it be protected up to?
A. Our film is tested to hold the glass in place at 160 m.p.h. even after the glass is broken. A video is available on our homepage as well as testing available to print to a PDF document.

Q. How does it protect my home and my family?
A. The film will keep the wind and rain out of your home even after the window is broken. By protecting the envelope of the home from be compromised, you can prevent the roof from coming off. This protects your family and your precious valuables from damage.

Q. Can I stay in my home no matter what category hurricane is threatening?
A. No. Hurricanes are a force of nature and our recommendation is to seek shelter in a safe location and return to your home only after the storm has passed.

Q. What warranty does your film carry?
A. Our film is warranted against crazing, peeling, discoloration, demetalizing, and delaminated by the manufacturer for as long as the original purchaser owns the home for residential customers and ten (10) years for commercial properties.


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