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Window Tinting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Tint & Film

film residentialWhat Is Window Film?

LLumar window film is a laminate of high performance metallized polyester film that provides significant solar insulation when applied to glass surfaces. LLumar films are manufactured using a state of the art sputtering process that applies metal alloys to a base film. Layers are assembled and finished with a strong scratch-resistant coating.

  • Typical film is layered
    a. Release liner
    b. Patented adhesive layer with UV inhibitor
    c. Clear or tinted polyester film with UV inhibitor
    d. Metallized layer for heat rejection
    e. Clear polyester film
    f. Patented scratch-resistant coating

  • LLumar films are available in reflective and non-reflective finishes and can be clear, colored, or patterned to blend with various design schemes. Depending on the film selected, LLumar can cut from 12 to 93 percent of incoming light, eliminate 99% of the harmful ultraviolet radiation to protect fabrics and finishes, block 92% of glare and cut up to 76% of solar heat gain through the glass.

How do I clean my windows after film is installed?

Use a soft clean cloth or soft paper towel, with a mild soap and water solution.
If using glass cleaner, make sure it is AMMONIA FREE.

Please Note
: Your new film could take several weeks to fully cure. You should wait at least 30 days to clean the inside surface of your windows after the film is applied. You may see some haze or condensation during this period. Depending on the thickness of the film, 2mil Solar or 8mil Safety, the drying times will vary.

Should I clean my own windows before you show up?

You can if you like but it is not necessary. Even the cleanest windows will be cleaned again by our installation teams. We have a very specific technique to prepping each pane before we install any film. Cleanliness is one of the most important steps to window tinting.

Is the film applied on the inside or outside?

The film is applied to the inside surface of the glass. If the film was on the outside then it would not last very long. The change in temperature, winds, rains, and mother nature's force would deteriorate the film quickly.

How long will it last?
All of our Residential Films carry a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty. Our Commercial Films carry a 10-year Manufacturer's Warranty. Llumar Films will outlast any other films in the industry. Quote: Robert Conley "Personally, I have never warrantied a single piece of Llumar Residential or Commercial film due to the film bubbling, turning purple, or hazing. Florida is the test-market for films due to the intense heat. As the saying goes "you get what you pay for" is very true in the window film industry. Especially in Florida!

How soon can I clean Llumar's Solar window film after it is installed?
New window tint has typically about a 30 day curing time, in which it is recommended NOT to wash it. After the curing period, you may clean your tinted glass the way that you wash any untinted glass. You can use Windex, GlassPlus or any ammonia based product. You must use a SOFT cloth or paper towel, or a rubber squeegee. You can NOT use any abrasive or razor blades.

Can the tint be removed from the glass?
Our window film is designed and manufactured to specifications that guarantee that they will not peel off from your glass. However, it can be removed with large razor blades and a fair amount of elbow grease. With proper removal it will leave your glass unblemished.

How is it applied?
The process in which our films are applied by factory certified installers is:
1) The glass is scraped very clean (internal surface only). (PREP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!!!)
2) The film is applied with water and a small amount of baby shampoo.
3) The film is cut to the width and height of the glass.
4) The film is installed on the INTERIOR surface of the glass.
4) The excess water is squeegeed from under the film while leaving a very small light gap on all edges. The film cannot touch the frame or it will peel in the future.

Will window tint hurt my plants?
No! The film is designed to allow the visible light inside the home. Exotic and tropical plants will still grow after the film is applied.

What does it do in the winter?
Window film will act as an insulating factor to keep the heat in and the cold out. Some films are more efficient than others at this. You will see more energy savings by reducing incoming heat in the summer (air-conditioning savings) than heat retention in the winter (heating costs).

Can window film be applied on Skylights?
We apply one of our heat reducing films on flat glass skylights. Window film, however, can not be applied directly to Domed skylights.

UV Rejection: This is the ability of the tint to keep harmful UV Rays out of the interior of your house. These harmful UV rays cause cancer, fade curtains, carpet, and upholstery. All LLumar Films block out 99.9% of the harmful UV rays.

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